Payment Options

Radiant Physical Therapy and Massage Rehabilitation is contracted with most auto insurance companies and on the job injury insurance companies. We are a specialized acute care clinic dealing only with LNI or MVA injuries, typically of a spinal nature. We also accept 3rd party claims, but require a referral from a doctor to begin treatment. If you are unable to find a doctor that will accept 3rd party payments, contact us to be referred to a doctor or chiropractor that will accept you as a patient. To learn more about our payment options for therapy, you can call our office directly or call our billing line for more detailed information at (253)-212-1950.


We accept only auto accident and workers compensation insurances. We also accept third party claims, meaning you are not at fault for the accident but did not have PIP coverage (Personal Injury Protection) through your auto insurance. In these cases, we will bill the at fault insurance for your care or work with you and your attorney till settlement. 

3rd party Insurance

If you were involved in an auto accident but did not have medical injury coverage through your auto insurance provider, we are one of the few physical therapy and massage clinics that will treat you immediately. Therapy is most effective when started as soon as possible after onset of injuries, and when continued regularly without large gaps in treatment. If you show that you are dedicated to rehabilitation and that you are not at fault for the collision, we will do our best to assist you in healing from this injury while working with the drawn out and confusing insurance payments or settlement of your lawsuit.  We will help you find attorneys and doctors that will treat you even as a 3rd party patient if you are unable to be treated by your primary doctor. 

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