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Ultimate Patient care with One-To-One
Therapist to Patient treatment from start to finish.

At Radiant Physical Therapy and Massage, we focus on providing rehabilitation services with the highest level of patient care. We will do everything we can to meet your physician's expectations and goals to assist you to return to a pre-injured level. Besides the patients who have Personal Injury Protection who are involved in Motor Vehicle Accidents (that assists in covering some of your rehabilitation services initially), we are one of the only physical therapy organizations in the area that accepts Third Party Motor Vehicle Accident claim referrals from physicians. Third Party claim accidents do not pay for your rehabilitation and related medical treatment until you (the injured victim) accept the final settlement from the At-Fault insurance company either personally and/or through your legal representation. No out-of-pocket cost by you per visit. For the unfortunate people who are injured at work, we are contracted with Labor and Industry, who are responsible for your rehabilitation services on your authorized claim. Our clinic hours are set to facilitate your life style through this recovery and healing of your injuries. Throughout your rehabilitation care, our goal is to maintain the same physical and massage therapists that you see from start to discharge of your care, if your work and lifestyle enables this. This builds and enhances your recovery plan with the same therapists who have designed your rehabilitation plan. The clinic is open for Therapeutic Massage and Physical Therapy on Saturdays from 8am through 2pm. We work with numerous medical and physician offices, clinics, and hospitals. If you find yourself injured in a Motor Vehicle accident or an On-The-Job injury, we are here to provide you with the ultimate patient rehabilitation and treatment. Have your physician, emergency room, hospital or medical clinic refer you to one of the best physical therapy and massage rehabilitation organizations in the area. We will do everything we can possibly do to see you the same or next workday for your initial appointment.

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